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Why Done Is Better Than Perfect

"Done is better than perfect"

This quote is front and centre of the mood board in my office.

It’s something I’ve really struggled with in the past.

-I’ve pushed tasks to the bottom of my to-do list because I was worried they wouldn’t turn out perfectly

-I’ve pressed pause on launching new ideas because I didn’t have every single detail figured out

-I’ve stopped showing up online because I didn’t have a month’s worth of ideas perfectly mapped out.

The only thing that was really in the way wasn’t my perfectionism, it was myself.

Can you relate?

My new motto is “take action, even if it’s messy”

The only thing standing between you and your goals is massive action.

Are you ready to take action, even if it's a little bit scary?

Book a completely FREE discovery call here with me and we can map out your goals together!

Speak soon,

Best Wedding Wishes,

Rachel xo

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