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The One Reason Why My First Business Failed

I am SO glad my first business failed.

3 years ago, I launched a blogging business that tried to appeal to everyone, but guess what…

… it appealed to no-one.

I landed a couple of clients, but they weren’t my dream people. I knew I wanted to write, but I had no idea about the concept of a ”niche”

In the very beginning I thought: “Surely I’ll make more money if I appeal to more people, right?”

I was totally wrong (trust me - I learned the hard way).

If you can target one, very specific and small group of people, your brand will shine much brighter and your dream clients will find you with ease.

There’s also a whole lot of fun we can have with language when you’re speaking to one laser-focused dreamboat client - that’s where the true magic happens!

As a copywriter for wedding industry professionals, working on niching with my clients is a MUST. Part of the process of updating your website copy, social media captions, email sequences and brochures is knowing EXACTLY who you're speaking to.

If you're hoping to work with a wedding industry copywriter one day, then now is the perfect time to hone in on your niche. Make it crystal clear exactly who you want to work with. After all, we didn't start our wedding businesses to work with people we don't like, right?!

Niching in the noisy world of the wedding industry is SO important. Every couple is unique and you should be too.

What's your niche?

Email me at - I'd absolutely love to know!

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