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Running Out of Ideas for Social Media? Here's What to Say

How the heck do I know what to say everyday?

Trust me, it’s taken time for me to figure it all out too!

I’ve suffered from that dreaded blinking cursor feeling more times than I boil the kettle in a week (lots!).

Showing up on social media isn’t easy, especially when you feel a bit “icky” selling when we’re living through a pandemic.

Two things I want you to remember:

-You don’t need to sell on socials every single time you turn up; you can share all sorts of different ideas that establish your expertise

-It’s important to show up even when you don’t think it’s perfect, because done is ALWAYS better than perfect

I created a unique strategy that helps me to navigate through those tongue-tied moments so that I’m never lost for words.

I teach my signature 10-pillar content strategy in my course Conquer with Copy, and it truly helped my students experience those light bulb moments!

My tried and tested strategy is all about rotating ten different angles of your business that your clients would love to learn. One of the my favourites is sharing Reviews. This is a fail-safe way of establishing your authority without directly selling!

I’m thinking about releasing my strategy as a stand alone mini-course you can keep forever - would this be helpful for you?

Pop me a message here if you'd love to grab a completely FREE sneak peek at my strategy, I'd LOVE to share it with you!

Speak soon,

Best Wedding Wishes,



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