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Get Paid to Take a Break

Hey lovely reader,

How are you doing?

No, truly - how are you doing?

I had the most WONDERFUL break during the long weekend. For 48 hours I switched off from my business and enjoyed being present with my family.

This does not happen often.

That’s what I wanted to talk to you about actually...

As creative business owners, many of us adopt the “hustle” mindset.

What does hustle look like to you?

Hours in front of the laptop

Late nights with bleary eyes

Unfocused work throughout the day

“Busy” work that doesn’t actually progress you

Constantly checking emails and DMs

Replying straight away because you’re worried you’ll lose a client



But then I realised that I am my greatest resource - if I’m burning out, who’s going to run my business?

I now feel really passionate about taking proper time off and I’m going to tell you a secret…

This weekend I took an entire 48 hours off my business:

No Instagram posts

No email marketing

No learning

No content creation

No client work

...and I received FIVE brand new enquiries from dream clients.

That is the power of taking a break!

Your business will work FOR you as long as you put the right measures in place.

This will take time and guidance, but I want to get you there!

With that being said, there’s one last thing before I go, I really hope you reply to this because your advice means everything to me.

DM me with a simple YES, if you’d be interested in learning from me about:

“Exactly which tasks you need to do everyday to move the needle forward with your business, get more visible, more enquiries, more bookings from dreamboat clients and more social media followers WHILST enjoying weekends off”

I want to get YOUR blessing that this is something you’ll truly value, before I pour my heart and soul into something truly epic…so please reply and tell me if this would help you?

I’m SO invested in your success and I’m already excited to see you grow!

Ps. If you do reply - I’ll be putting your name straight onto my VIP list. That’s a place you definitely want to be - trust me...

Best Rhyming Wishes,