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How Did I Turn My Wedding Poetry Side-Hustle Into a Fully Fledged Business?

Hey, I’m Rachel!

A copywriter, strategist and mentor for wedding professionals.

I started my bespoke poetry business Veil and Verse whilst on maternity leave and fell head over heels with the wedding industry.

With a limited budget for branding and marketing, I used my decade of writing experience to leverage the power of words and speak directly to my dream clients. This allowed me to turn my side-hustle into a fully-fledged business within the first few months.

To this day, my visual branding and web design has cost me less than a Starbucks coffee. It’s the words, copy and content strategy that has helped me to book dreamboat clients and make more money.

Now I help wedding pros master their message and book dream clients, so that they can build a business they’re obsessed with too.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with wedding planners, photographers, coaches, venue consultants, makeup artists, and many small creative business owners to help them stand out and use the right words to book more clients.

Five things I absolutely love:

  1. My baby girl Willow

  2. Tea

  3. Cake

  4. Musical theatre

  5. Brand new stationery

Want a completely FREE taster of what I do?

You can pinch my 17 fail-safe copywriting strategies by clicking the following link to my FREE resource library.

You can implement these things right away, even if writing isn’t your cup of tea!

Here’s to stepping out of your comfort zone and learning more about copy + content strategies in 2021!

Speak soon,

Best Wedding Wishes,



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