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Why I Encourage All Wedding Industry Professionals to Be Their Own Copywriter

I'm sending a 'lil bit of encouragement your way tonight - hoping it will help you end your week on a positive.

Whether you're tackling writing a blog post, tweaking your website or putting together a show-stopping brochure, you've totally got this!

Do you know why?

...because being your own copywriter is 100% possible.

I learnt how to do it - so you can too!

Yes, I am a copywriter for wedding industry creatives, but I want to encourage YOU to be your own copywriter for the lifetime of your business too!

When you hire me as your copywriter, you’ll get incredible, quick and super-charged results, but it’s an investment for sure!

If you’re ready to outsource your copy, I welcome you with open arms, but not everybody is at this stage yet. Your business is your baby, so having complete control over the words on your website, blog, social media, email newsletters and more probably makes you feel much more comfortable, right?

I want to teach you EXACTLY how I use words to book clients, so that you never feel stuck and staring at the blinking cursor If this sounds like you, hiring me as your PERSONAL copywriting coach for an hour will be incredibly fruitful for you! All of my clients leave our calls feeling energised, inspired, crystal clear and absolutely blown away by the detail we go into!

Hit this link to book a 1:1 Power Hour with me and I will equip you with the laser-focused support regarding your brand positioning, content and copy strategy for your creative business!

Rachel Kitchen is the go-to copywriter and brand strategist for wedding industry professionals who are looking to book more clients and supercharge their website with copy that converts. If you're interested in working with me I would absolutely LOVE to welcome you in.

Pop me an email at and we'll get started on your project right away!

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