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Do You Actually Need a Blog For Your Wedding Business?

The question on everybody's lips right now...

Do I REALLY need a blog for my wedding business?⁣

I'm going to tell you straight...

You can gradually navigate your way to success WITHOUT a blog on your website... but a blog will:⁣ ⁣

1️⃣Heighten your authority and industry expertise⁣

2️⃣Allow you to showcase YOUR unique brilliance and stand out in a saturated market

3️⃣Get more eyes on your website. More eyes = more bookings⁣

4️⃣Move you up the Google rankings with laser-focused keywords⁣

5️⃣Supercharge your path to success by leveraging the power of content marketing⁣

These are some of the most common reasons why you're not blogging...⁣ ⁣

“I don’t have time to blog”⁣

“I have no idea what to write”⁣

“I’m a terrible writer”⁣

"I don't know if it will actually work"

"Nobody will read it"

Allow me to step in and be your blogging bestie!

I offer tailored packages that fit in with your schedule so that you can FINALLY tick “write blog post” off your to do list!⁣

I have extensive experience in writing wedding industry blog posts and have a wealth of over-the-moon clients under my belt You could pin my name to over 7 thousand blog posts circulating the internet right now and they are truly getting people results: If you want to grab yourself a spot on my list of happy blogging clients I'd LOVE to warmly welcome you in! (be quick if you'd like to get rolling in 2020 - the couple of spots I do have will fill up FAST!). Get in touch if you're ready to take action and supercharge your website with bespoke blog posts!

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