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3 Way to Take Action To Grow Your Wedding Business Today!

I wanted to ask you something...

💡You know that ‘lil idea in the back of your head that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do in your creative business, but you keep putting it off because you don’t have a perfect plan?

Do it now, before you’ve got it all figured out.

I’m all about progress over perfection when it comes to bettering and growing my wedding business Veil and Verse Poetry.

There are decisions that scare me like crazy but I just hit that “go” button and do it... This encourages me to figure things out as I go, rather than procrastinating and trying to make everything “perfect”

I’ve launched new products in under a week because of ideas I’ve had in the shower! I didn’t have a strategic plan in place, I just went for it - and guess what...nothing terrible happened!


Do you resonate with any of the following thoughts?

Here’s a quick solution to help you take action right away:

✖️ I can’t start blogging yet, because I don’t have a full schedule of content yet

✔️Write ONE post today and you’ve made progress

✖️ I can’t update the copy on my website yet because I haven’t refined my services or products

✔️Write a show-stopping about page and you’ve made incredible progress

✖️ I can’t start posting on Instagram yet because I don’t have a beautifully curated feed or anything captivating to say

✔️Go outside, snap a cute selfie and introduce yourself to your followers - huge progress made!

Takeaway: There is DEFINITELY a place for strategy in business, but you don’t need to use your lack of strategy as an excuse to prevent you from making progress.

Are you  dedicated to making small, but mighty progress with your creative business for the rest of this week?

Mentorship is POWERFUL as a creative entrepreneur. I hired a coach when I started my wedding business and I made back my investment within 3 months. Not only that - I left the programme feeling confident, clear and well-equipped to tackle ANYTHING in my wedding business.

I have a limited number of discovery calls each week and I'd LOVE for you to grab one of them, so that I can talk you through the programme and see if we'd be a great fit.

There's only one thing, I'm only taking on ONE MORE client for the rest of 2020. I already have several people interested, so I don't want you to miss out.

Hit this link if you want to work with me 1:1 as your wedding business mentor and equip you with laser-focused strategies for the next three months👇


Rachel Kitchen is a high-level copywriter and coach for wedding industry professionals who are ready to get noticed by their dreamboat clients and SELL more, by leveraging the power of words.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about Rachel's services - we would absolutely love to help you take your wedding business to the next level!

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