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Build a Wedding Business Without Working 24/7

Hey fellow creative!

Did you build your business to work 24/7?

No holidays, no time with your family, late nights, early mornings and constant fatigue.

I sure didn’t!

I started my business with one goal in mind - FREEDOM

In January, I had no choice but to take a month off for health reasons, and I booked 5 dream clients.

I didn’t post on social media, I didn’t send any emails and I didn’t network with anybody new, so how did I do it?

>Top notch copy and automation<

Copy - is your copy on your Instagram captions + bio consistent, timeless, on brand, up to date AND magnetising dream clients as you sleep?

Does your ideal client want to eat up your website words with a spoon and take immediate action?

B. Automation - do you have systems in place that work behind the scenes to book clients?

Do you have a brochure or freebie that triggers a nurture sequence that turns a freebie-grabber into a consultation call or fully paid client?

If you had to take a month off today, do you feel confident that you have stellar copy and streamlined systems in place to give yourself space?

These things take time to set up, but NOW is the time to take action and lay these foundations so you don’t get stuck in the future.

Do you have a copy or automation goal this year?

I’d love to hear it and hold you accountable to following through - I PROMISE it’s so worth it!

Ps. I'm opening the doors to my group programme The Client Attraction Collective.

Click here to see how it can help you work with more of the clients you LOVE!

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