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3 Ways to Audit Your Website Words Today

Want to hear a secret?

Auditing your website today might just be the best decision you ever make

Yes, I want YOU to do it yourself, not hire me to do it for you.

With 60+ website copy audit clients under my belt, I’ve seen it all, and there are three things in common.

- copy that’s not clear

Replace any complex words with short and simple ones. Flowery language can create a disconnect between you and your ideal client.

- copy that’s not client-centered

Remove too many instances of "I" and "me" and focus on your client. Instead of talking about the features of your product or service, show how it can benefit your client.

- copy that doesn’t contain enough CTAs

Telling your client exactly where to go next will help them take that action. Guide your clients through a seamless customer journey on your website with clear CTAs!

Work your way through these three steps, take action now, and let me know your biggest audit discovery!

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