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Magically attract more of the clients

you love in the next 6-weeks without

burning out or wasting anymore time.


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Tell me, does this sound familiar?

> You’re overwhelmed by business strategies and want to commit to one thing that works


> You have no idea if you’re appealing to the right clients


> You’re not booking any clients or working with people you love


> You want to spend more time with your family and feel confident that your online presence works like clockwork for you


Hey creative soul!

Are you ready to effortlessly attract clients that you love? 


Then, grab a cup of tea and read this page

from top to bottom :) 


> You don't do anything because you're constantly comparing yourself to others in your space

> You get overwhelmed with posting online because you don't know what your ideal client wants to hear

> You throw your blogging schedule out the window because nobody will read them anyway

> You put off your much-needed website overhaul because it seems like a huge, scary job

> You put the kettle on and turn on Netflix because you don't have a clear step-by-step strategy to work from

I'm with you

It’s so blooming frustrating and NOT the way to thrive as a creative business owner...

Here’s the good news though:


You’re not alone in this repetitive cycle of trying to pull social media content out of nowhere, posting to get no client enquiries, feeling embarrassed about your website, stuck in a demotivated rut and having clients ignore you after follow-up emails. 


I've been there.


I know what it’s like to continually put yourself out there only to get CRICKETS in response, to COMPARE yourself to other successful creatives, OR to not even be sure of WHAT TO SAY, leaving you totally stuck, and not actually moving the needle forward with your business. 



Freedom, happiness and success exists beyond this feeling of not knowing how to attract clients, being fearful of where your next booking will come, and unsure if you're meant to do this "entrepreneur" thing for a living.




 Knowing EXACTLY what to say online in order to connect with your ideal client

Having a website that consistently encourages people to book YOU

Feeling confident in your social media strategy and never lost for words again

Nurturing new leads with incredible email sequences that ACTUALLY work

Making more money and getting more bookings consistently

Spending more time with your family and staying in your zone of creative genius

Fast tracking to where you want to be WITH full support, guidance and accountability 




Welcome to...

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A 6-week accelerator programme to help you consistently attract dream clients with an irresistible online presence, so that you have more spare time to do what you love.

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Based on my 5-Step MAGIC™ Strategy, this 6-week programme includes everything you need to go from being confused, demotivated and overwhelmed with your creative business to feeling confident and laser focused on the marketing strategies that will attract your dream clients!


My Students Give it 5 Stars!


"I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to any business owner. Rachel is a lovely and very supportive mentor. The course is very thorough and it will require work on your behalf but it's SO enjoyable and you will really reap the results of it.


You will gain a much greater understanding of how messaging can work for you when you understand the psychology behind it. Rachel has created excellent workbooks for each module which will really help you focus on what is unique about your business and what you have to offer your clients. These will help you build a bank of  material that you can draw from again and again.


Rachel was on hand throughout to answer any of our questions and to give really good advice and feedback. Well worth the investment!"

Oonagh - Foxglove Wedding Stationery

Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

"I want to say a huge thanks for your course. Suffering from a block for so long I surprised myself on what I was able to create using your fabulous, easy learning modules with the feedback from yourself which was incredible.   


The course has gave me so much more confidence in my writing, talking to my ideal clients. My website copy is now client-centred and talking to the right clientele, my bookings have been flying in even with a pandemic happening, I’m excited for what the future holds for my business, my bookings are certainly looking bright. 


You are inspiring, fun and so easy to connect with, it was a pleasure working with you and hopefully I will again in the future."

Lorna - Get It Glam

Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

"I want to say a personal thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into creating this course. It's been really thought provoking, clear and motivating. You've given me so many great ideas and pushed my boundaries. Who would have thought I'd have a lead magnet on Instagram?!"

Louise - Big Green Space

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Here's what you get when you join the collective:

5 jam-packed workbooks​

3 LIVE  Q&As with Rachel​

private Facebook group + member's lounge

lifetime access to course content

lifetime access to mentorship from Rachel

access to 6 previous trainings + Q&As with Rachel


100 Instagram post ideas

30 Instagram Canva Templates

Live SEO Training + Q&A with Stacy, So Engaged


 Live Instagram Training + Q&A with Laura, the Pocket VA


Live Soulful Sales Training + Q&A with Victoria Jackson, Mindset + Abundance Coach

Conquer With Copy Instagram Feed Graphic
Conquer With Copy Logo.png


You're one step closer to your dream business!

The Client Attraction Collective gives you the confidence to attract and book dream clients with an irresistible online presence.


This 6-week group coaching programme will walk you through my 5-Step MAGIC™ Strategy that helped me to scale my wedding business from zero to multiple 5 figures in less than a year.


Now it's your time for wild-beyond-imaginable success.


End the overwhelm today! Get the tools you need to become the creative business owner you've always wanted to be. Click below to get started!


is here to help you...

Conquer With Copy Logo.png


your message and learn how to clearly communicate with your dream client


your skills so you know exactly how to use specific marketing strategies that convert


your audience so that your inbox is filled with dream clients wanting to work with you


the interest of your audience and nurture them with clear and strategic email sequences


your creative business goals and encourage your website visitors to  make no-brainer bookings!

By the end of our 6 weeks together, you'll not only develop the skills to book more clients with ease, but really learn how to be your own marketer for the LIFETIME of your business, so that you can FINALLY stop worrying that your messaging isn't aligned, start making the money you deserve, and most importantly...


jess pacey.jpg

"After completing the programme, I am so so pleased with my website now. It sounds so much more inviting and like me! I thought you had to come across professional and in a certain tone, and Rachel taught me how to show my personality and passion for my work through copy. I now use this throughout my website and social media platforms. A GREAT investment for my small business! Thank you Rachel!"



Jess Pacey, Make Up Artist

Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Laura Hillman.png

"I was part of Rachel Kitchen's course group last year and OMG it was amazing! I had so many light bulb moments which have really helped me hone my ideal client and how to write engaging copy that speaks to them. Since working with Rachel the engagement on my social media posts has increased, and I have also received great feedback from potential clients about my website copy. The part I enjoyed the most was realizing there was a strategy to writing copy! This is when it really clicked for me. Rachel is SO knowledgeable in her field and extremely generous with her time. I would highly recommend joining this course!"



Laura Hillman, Wedding Planner

& Venue Consultant

Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

"I feel really confident in what I want to achieve after working with you. I get compliments from clients on my website copy, which is now on a whole new level. You have a true skill and obvious passion. I had the best time learning from you and you provided us with amazing rules that I still use and cannot wait to strengthen. You are wonderful and will always refer to your workbook and CaC guidelines forever."



Akilah, Events with Akilah

Golden Star
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Golden Star

Here's how The Client Attraction Collective is different from other online courses or programmes:


The programme is founded and run by me, Rachel Kitchen. I grew my wedding poetry business from zero to multiple-five-figures in less than a year, and I continue to book consistent clients that I love using clear messaging and marketing that works.


 I have mentored students through this programme and helped them gain real results, such as more bookings, more profit than ever before, compliments from clients, heightened referrals, and transformative re-brands that connect them with clients they love.


This programme is designed to accelerate you to your goals quickly with zero nonsense or fluff. With over a decade of corporate marketing and writing experience under my belt, I know the strategies it takes to establish a successful creative business.


I use my 5-Step MAGIC Method to walk you through every action I took to grow my side hustle into a fully-booked business. From the deep-rooted messaging of your business, to the communications with clients on your website and social media.


Can I share a secret with you?

There is an unexplored, hidden piece to building a profitable creative business online...


Only a handful of people make it their MOST POWERFUL weapon, so they keep winning while everyone else — even clued-up, action takers like you— get stuck and don't even know why.


It took A LOT of work, research, and trial-and-error to discover the secret that separates winners from everyone else. The thing that gives winners the rare edge we ALL crave.


The good news? This thing can be taught, practiced, and perfected.


But how come nobody talks about it?


The short answer is: It doesn’t sound sexy.

The vast majority of people are looking for “short-cuts” and “quick fixes.”


But not the clever cookies like us...


A pocket-full of wedding business owners and creative entrepreneurs aren't interested in these so-called "quick-fixes" - they're in it for the long haul and ready to learn, grow and obtain a sustainable skills that makes them DANGEROUSLY COMPETITIVE for the lifetime of their business.

Does this sound like you?

If so, keep reading...


So what’s the big secret, I hear you say?




Now it may sound a 'lil bit boring (trust me, it isn’t), but stay with me.


Have you ever wondered why people land on your website and don't book right away?

Have you ever wondered why your social media posts aren't performing well?

Have you ever wondered why people don't respond to your emails?


It's because you're not truly speaking your ideal client's LANGUAGE, and you're getting lost in the sea of fellow creatives who do EXACTLY what you do, only they say it better... That’s why.


What if you always knew exactly how to post online, write emails. create brochures and communicate on your website WITHOUT feeling nervous about not getting a response?

You can absolutely feel this way when you choose to invest in the Client Attraction Collective.

Feel confident in your message, know the psychology behind selling and say what your clients REALLY want to hear.


Successful creative entrepreneurs do it. Now you can too.


Hello! I'm Rachel, 

Copy queen, marketing strategist and creative entrepreneur who side-hustled into the wedding industry on maternity leave,

and turned it into a full time multiple 5-figure business in less than a year.

How did I do it?

I leveraged the power of sales psychology, language, online marketing methods and knew EXACTLY what to say to connect with my clients.

Now it's my mission to help you effortlessly attract clients you LOVE using clear and strategic messaging.

Helping people get booked, it's kinda my thing...



Doors Closing


week 02



Understand what copywriting is, learn exactly how it works, discover fail-safe plug and play formulas that always work, the importance of headlines, the principles of scanning, the rules you NEED TO break, structuring sentences that sell, find your brand voice and adopt the mindset of a professional copywriter.



Know WHO you're talking to, what they want to hear,
what their internal/external needs are, who your ideal client really is, how to sell from power, what your core brand values are, craft your internal and external messaging, including your mission statement, unique brilliance factor, elevator pitch, vision statement and create your very own vocab vault.

week 01

week 03



Learn how to nurture and grow your social media audience through captivating social
media captions, enticing stories, a magnetising bio, killer call to actions. Discover the ten-part winning content strategy that builds know, like and trust connection with words, plus grab a DM template that converts.

week 04




Sit back - take a breath and implement everything you've learnt so far. Ask Rachel and your fellow students for audits, support, advice and clarity on the previous module. Take part in an optional 7 day Instagram challenge to grow your audience with daily content prompts and engagement hacking strategies.

week 05



Guide your audience on a seamless journey to a carefully constructed lead magnet/brochure that is worded to perfection and learn how to create an email nurture sequence to your subscribers that builds know, like and trust, and ultimately gets you booked!

week 06



Make your website irresistibly clear and magnetising so that your ideal client makes a no-brainer booking, know exactly what your homepage, about page and service page NEED to have in order to guide website visitors to take the very specific action you want them to take.

Here's what you get when you join the collective:

5 jam-packed workbooks​

3 LIVE  Q&As with Rachel​

private Facebook group + member's lounge

lifetime access to course content

lifetime access to mentorship from Rachel

access to 6 previous trainings + Q&As with Rachel


100 Instagram post ideas

30 Instagram Canva Templates

Live SEO Training + Q&A with Stacy, So Engaged


 Live Instagram Training + Q&A with Laura, the Pocket VA


Live Soulful Sales Training + Q&A with Victoria Jackson, Mindset + Abundance Coach

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Conquer With Copy Logo.png

You choose:

One-time investment: £497


Payment plan: £197 per month x3

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this programme a good fit for me?

The Client Attraction Collective is designed to help creative entrepreneurs and wedding professionals gain more targeted dream clients they love using specific marketing strategies. My goal through this programme is to help you truly learn how to communicate to your ideal client in a way that makes them book you without a second thought so you can get fully booked with people you LOVE working with. If you’re committed to uplevelling one of the most important skills as a creative business owner, you're 100% in the right spot!

When do we start?

The group programme starts on Wednesday 24th March 2021. On this day you will be able to access Modules 1-6 and all of the bonuses. Every other week there will be a live call with Rachel (and many more surprise LIVE interactions in between!) to discuss the module content and answer any questions you have. Here is the proposed schedule for the course:

Wednesday 24th March - Modules 1-6 Released in the Member's Lounge

Wednesday 31st March - Live Q&A for Modules 1  (12:30pm) Replays Always Available!

Wednesday 7th April - Live Guest Expert Training

Wednesday 14th April - Live Q&A for Modules 2 and 3 (12:30pm) Replays Always Available!

Wednesday 21st April - Live Guest Expert Training

Wednesday 28th April - Live Q&A for Modules 4 and 5 (12:30pm) Replays Always Available!

Wednesday 5th May - Live Guest Expert Training

Does this include 1:1 support from Rachel?

The Client Attraction Collective is a group programme, which does include bi-weekly calls with Rachel and daily support via the private Facebook community.


However, this does not include any 1:1 support outside of the live calls and Facebook group.


If you’re looking to work with Rachel in a private 1:1 capacity with her undivided attention, you can email to book a Power Hour call with Rachel.

What type of business owner is this programme best suited for?

The Client Attraction Collective is best suited for:


  • New wedding business owners and creative entrepreneurs in their first 5 years of business who aren't ready to hire a professional copywriter to overhaul their online presence

  • Intermediate wedding business owners and creative entrepreneurs looking to uplevel their skills so that they can become their own copywriter for the lifetime of their business

  • Creatives who have worked with Rachel previously on their website copy. This course encompasses EVERYTHING copy-related from social media to email marketing, and goes above and beyond just your website.


What happens after I pay?

You'll instantly receive a welcome email with your personal link and password to the private member's lounge and your invitation to the private Facebook community, where you will be able to gain daily support, copy audits and help from Rachel. 

If you have any further questions about The Client Attraction Collective please email Rachel at


Kind words from my students

"I found Rachel at a time when I wasn't happy with my branding and content. Inside my head I knew what I wanted, however transferring that onto paper, just wasn't happening. 


The programme from start to finish pushed me to explore myself and my business in areas I could not reach on my own. I found it very challenging and liberating at the same time.  The support and patience Rachel gave enabled me to push my personal barriers and show myself and my vulnerabilities, showing opening up personally sharing your journey,  putting yourself out there is a positive and rewarding experience.


I'm now more confident with my social media and website content.  After the 6 weeks course, I truly value the expertise and knowledge Rachel offers, and now I'm looking to continue my journey with Rachel, outsourcing our blogs &  website content enabling me to focus solely on my clients and events. I'm a true believer in working with experts within their field and Rachel ticks all my boxes and is truly a pleasure to work with."

Charlie - ParTpees

"I can totally  recommend working with Rachel and investing in her programme.  The course content is so absorbing and enlightening, and Rachel has really helped me to finally understand my Ideal client and how to appeal to them in my copy. I am SO delighted to have improved my awareness of how to approach my copy for my website, social media and emails. Thank you, Rachel x,"

Rebekah - Visionary Veils

Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

I'm still using strategies from the course and learning how to apply things to my brand and my voice. It has really taught me the techniques to do that in a way that feels authentic and natural without sounding salesy or  fake.

I think the fact that the course goes into how to apply copywriting skills to the different areas of the customer journey (social media, brochure/freebie, website, etc) is great as whilst the tone and brand voice should be the same, there's a different way of addressing the audience at all stages!


Your help and feedback throughout the course was amazing and you're still supporting us which is invaluable as its' definitely an ongoing process for so many of us!

Monica - Dandelion Celebrations