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Hey, I'm Rachel!

Copywriter, entrepreneur, marketing mentor to wedding professionals

Want to hear how words changed my life?

Grab a cuppa and listen in my lovely.

With a Master’s in Broadcast Journalism and an English Language Degree under my belt, I was living the so-called “dream” life of a graduate.

Straight out of university I was offered a job on the CNN news desk in London. I packed a suitcase and moved from my rural Lancashire family home to the big smoke. ​


I was enamored by the fast-paced London life; commuting on the tube, grabbing a posh sandwich from Pret á Manger at lunchtime, and mingling with new friends in bars after work (the most expensive glasses of wine I’d ever paid for).

I was hooked to the idea of being a city girl. It felt so glamorous. I felt important.

I felt fancy!



I was going out on shoots to the NFL at Wembley and watching Kate Middleton walk the red carpet. My articles were being published on the CNN website with millions of readers everyday. I felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be.


But, I wasn't truly happy.


The late nights, lack of a social life and stressful newsroom environment was burning me out. This wasn't the glitz and glamour I was hoping for. If working late on Fridays and missing dinners with friends meant “going far” in the world of journalism,

I was ready to carve out my own version of success. 


I wasn’t scared of hard work, so I picked up a freelance writing job with the view to turning it into my full-time gig. 


I wanted to work on my own terms,

because we had a baby on the way! 

willow x.jpg

Whilst on maternity leave, I began planning my wedding.


As I was researching venues, choosing florals and imagining my dream dress, my heart started to race with excitement. 


“What a fulfilling career it must be, working in the wedding industry. I need to find a way to keep weddings in my life forever!”


This was the exact moment I started my wedding poetry business Veil and Verse. 


Within the first few months, my business was featured in British Vogue and I had earned multiple five-figures in revenue.

As Seen in British Vogue.jpg

How did I do it?


I leveraged the power of words and knew exactly what my dream clients wanted to hear.


Enquiries and sales came in thick and fast and I was earning more than enough money to cover my corporate salary.


Through Veil and Verse I was lucky enough to meet many talented wedding professionals, who would regularly compliment me on my social media captions, blog posts and website words.  I quickly realised how much I LOVED helping venues, planners, florists, photographers, makeup artists and many more talented creatives use words to connect with their ideal client and build the business of their dreams.


So, I decided to use my decade of writing experience and become a copywriter and strategist for wedding professionals.

Image by Brigitte Tohm

An expensively designed website and fancy brand logo is beautiful to have, but it doesn’t book clients. Persuasive, engaging and artful language is the only way to stand out in a crowded industry and appeal to your dream people.

My investment in website design and branding combined cost me less than a Starbucks coffee; the proof is in the pudding that all you need is the right words!

I would love to help you to create copy that converts effortlessly, so that you can stay in your zone of genius.


Whether you’re ready to roll your sleeves up and learn how to do it yourself, or you want to outsource your copy to a professional who has walked in your shoes and works with couples every day, you can absolutely build the business of your dreams using the power of language.

So, that’s how words changed my life.

And you deserve the same.


It’s time to create the happiness, financial freedom and dream career you truly deserve.


I equip wedding professionals with words that sell out their services and help them create their dream life!

10 things I love:

Website Likes (1).png


The little lady behind the "why" of my creative business. I wouldn't have dipped my toe into entrepreneurial life if it weren't for you!

I'll be honest with you...

Creative entrepreneurship is like trying to navigate through a messy, tangled jungle without a compass, map or mentor. 


I know what it’s like to get vacuumed into the deep dark hole of Instagram and Google for hours on end (usually when you’re meant to be sleeping). You curate masses of useful freebies, screenshots and documents, but you never get round to implementing them because


it’s actually quite scary, isn’t it?


When there is nobody there to hold your hand, shine a torch down the right pathway and help you find clarity, you may end up circling back round to where you started. The results of this include: stunted growth, resentment, confusion and locked up unique brilliance that should be showcased effortlessly, because your clients deserve to work with YOU.


Whether the spiderweb of social media is making you want to go back to your stable (life-draining) office job or selling confidently makes you shrink like an bunch of unwatered peonies, I want to help you flourish and unapologetically reap the rewards you deserve.

“But, I’m not quite ready. I’ll make it happen in a month or two” - I hear you say. If you’re thinking this, then you are exactly the type of person I would LOVE to help. 


Link my arm and let's build your dream business.

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